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Needle Valves and Flow Control Valves, Non Return Valves, Ball Valves  
Needle Valves :
Bar stock Body construction.
Straight or Angle Pattern with Panel Mounting optional.
Metal to Metal or Stellited seats. Stem threads Rolled and hard plated and tie stellied (Vee Regulating one piece or non- regulating) or non-rotating ball tip optional.
2 piece Chevron packed offers zero leak, sealing over conventional packing design.
Variety of End connections include "NISHA" single or twin ferrule tube fittings, Male or Female NPT. and ISO, DIN and JIS tapered pipe ends.
Maximum Working Pressure: 6000 PSI (400 bar) at 200 oC. 10000 PSI (700 bar) at 120oC. 100% Factory tested.
Flow Control Valves :
Precise metering of flow
Also available with check valve for reverse free flow
Color calibration Scale helps easy set up.
Material of Construction : Carbon Steel /S.S.304/S.S.316/ Brass
End Connection : Female Thread
Pressure Range : 6000PSI maximum
Test Pressure : 1.5 Times Working Pressure 100% Factory Tested
Ball Valves :
Inline, Bi -Directional, 1/4 turn Shut -off
7000 PSI Working Pressure maximum
Available in Tube End, Male thread, Female Thread, Flange end
Material of Construction : Carbon Steel / S.S.304 / S.S.316 / Brass
100% Factory Tested
Non Return Valves :
Inline, Can be Mounted Horizontally Or Vertically
10000 PSI Working Pressure maximum
Available in Tube End, Male thread, Female Thread
Cracking Pressure : As per requirements
100% Factory Tested
Material of Construction : Carbon Steel / S.S.304 / S.S.316 / Brass
Manifold Valves
'FINE TAKE ' 2/3/5 valve Manifolds are designed for connecting system impulse line & transmitters. These Manifold consist of 2/3/5 valve configuration which allows for easy isolation, calibration, block and bleed for gauges, pressure switches and static pressure transmitting instruments. These Manifolds are rugged in construction to withstand high pressures and temperatures. TheManifolds are rated for pressures as high as 6000 PSI at 200o F or 4000 PSI at 500o F. with PTFE Packing. For a Higher Temperatures Grafoil Packing is used. These valve Manifolds combine the functions of a tee, calibration valve, isolation valve and all tubing and fittings into a single compact unit thus reducing number of fittings and space required for installation.
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